Iran is a country of southwest Asia (Middle- East). Average latitude   of Iran is  32 ° N , from 40th to 25th parallel, longitude from 38th to 50th meridian, area 1.648.195 km².


Iran is including three phytogeographic regional  parts: Mediterranean, Irano TuranianAralo-Caspian), and saharo india zones. Phytogeographic  central Asian  and Euro Siberian zones arise too. However , despite a non important vegetal cover in Iran, the confluence of these five phytogeographic  zones  in its territory  procures for itself a rich diversity: height thousands species of plants, of which about 2500 endemic  ( that is, limited to it’s regions as spontaneous state). Over a thousand of these plants are some of rare species.


In order  to illustrate what has just been said, in France  are recorded 4500 species where 3500 are present in   the Mediterranean area.(2800 in Corsica). 

Some of it’s regions  have a Mediterranean climate or sub-humid climate,  and deeper into  arid areas with low and erratic rainfall. Almost one million and two thousands km²  is made up of arid and desert lands. There is a real contrast between arid enclosed  waters regions, and rain secure  marginal regions, made up of mostly by high mountain ranges. Such a structure inevitably leads to saline lakes formation,   which when dried,  change into salt deserts.